Online training at the speed of business

Quickly create online training, bring teams up to speed fast and measure results

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Empower collaboration

Invite everyone to teach and learn from one another, in groups or company-wide.

Create content

Draft text, import photos and embed videos to teach basic concepts.

Control access

Set courses to private and invite learners, or open them to anyone.

Follow learner progress

Monitor success analytics and review assessment results.

Mobile and embeddable

Integrate modules into websites, blogs, or LMSs. All content is mobile-optimized.

The pace of business today is faster than ever before. Products change, processes are revised, and it's tough to keep everyone in the loop.

Versal is a deceptively simple course creation and delivery solution. Develop super-effective training content (built-in interactive assessments and more), and deliver courses via Versal or embed in existing LMSs, webites and blogs. Do it yourself, or let internal experts take the lead. No coding required, mobile-ready. 

It's training at the speed of business. Try it today!

Add interactivity

Build and customize interactive exercises, quizzes, slideshows, message boards etc.

Maintain control

Administrative oversight and permissions ensure great learning experiences.

Import materials

Embed PowerPoints, PDFs, and Google/Word docs directly in a course.

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Ideal for training hundreds or thousands of employees, customers, partners or resellers

Online training at the speed of business

Versal is a daily online training platform, designed for the modern workforce

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“Versal has revolutionized the speed at which I can create and edit materials for eLearning .”

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